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Accelerated Success with Acquiring and Impressing the Affluent Market
Win the Hearts, Minds and Trust of the Affluent for Highly Effective Closing
  • Uncertain about how to impress Affluent to Ultra High Net worth clients to have them put more finances with you?
  • Are you unsure about why you can't seem to understand the lifestyle of affluent-UHNW clients?
  • ​Not sure about how to move into the high net worth & affluent space?

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20th - 21st March 2024
9 am - 6 pm 
Face-to-Face Session
(Limited Seats Available) - 70% grants for participants over 40 years old! 
26th - 27th June 2024
9 am - 6 pm 
Face-to-Face Session

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On top of all these, we get the chance to receive:
 Live Q&A to contextualise these affluent advisory for your market!
  Additional post programme 30 days support for you to see results in your business!
 Post Training Action Plans to secure appointments with the *Strategic Target List* to create Interest, Desire and Urgency based on their prospects' 3Ps: Profile, Pain and Pleasure.
Hear What Others Are Saying... 
Not knowing how to identify more client needs to increase case sizes 
Not being able to find new high net worth prospects
Not able to impress HNW clients enough to acquire more upward referrals
The truth is not many in the financial advisory practice have the insights and techniques to serve the high networth clients:
Do not have a systematic approach to impressing affluent-UHNW clients

❌ Have loads of transactional relationships with customers and unable to build quality clientele relationships with the affluent

Not all are well-equipped with understanding the needs of the affluent clients and prescribe the right advisory in their professional advisory

Tend to always be on the losing end of the competition with private bankers for the affluent space
Lead Affluent-Ultra High Networth Clients to say "YES" to the financial advisory you give!
Be respected for quality advisory as an Experienced Wealth Strategist
Use advanced questioning techniques when dealing with financial concerns of the affluent space.
Establish instant rapport with your affluent clients after years of experience
Learn in-depth 6-7 figure revenue life insurance case studies and how to address them!
Affluent Client Closing Course is created to help you understand and win the hearts and minds of the affluent-UHWI market!
In just a quick 2 days, you can:
Accelerate Your Success with Acquiring and Impressing the Affluent Market
Understand the Affluent Market Trends (International, Regional & Singapore)
Develop a Sustainable Practice for the Affluent Market in Singapore & using wealth coaching techniques to foster deeper connection with high value conversations
Establish authority with powerful questioning using the SCENARIO ANALYSIS METHOD™ 
Identify the unique pain points and desired outcomes of affluent market & develop different prospecting angles, methods and conversational skills to better connect with this market to find and attract them
 Learn how to use the relevant presentations slides, advisory concepts to lead the prospects into a natural buy
 Frame out the competition, especially private bankers - Learn how to conduct meaningful analysis and recommendations. Provide insight into asset classes and allocation, together with highly effective closing using proven advisory models
Calculate the Client Acquisition ROI while dealing in the Affluent Market space
Attract the different types of HNWI-UHNWI leading to appointments and monitor the effectiveness and ROI of your Client Acquisition strategies
Anticipate, Prevent and Handle Objection from the Affluent Market
Effectively prevent and handling most common objections brought up by clients when Prospecting
The Covid-19 situation was just a remembrance of what I had encountered back when I first got into this business.

Asian Financial Crisis, 1999. My previous business had just left me 5-figures in debt and I had to find a way to pay it all back! Being forced into the financial industry just to hope for redemption.

The best news on top of it all: The first 6 months I was FIRST in production in my team! FROM THE BOTTOM!

The first 6 months I had $0 production and many said I could not do well in this industry!
slow doesn't mean never!
For the first few years, I struggled: getting my practice right and as well as my advisory.

Finally on the 3rd year, I got my first breakthrough! My very first MDRT!

Since then, my life just went on an upward trajectory and have since qualified for numerous accreditations both company and industry wide!

At age 40, I retired from running the advisory group and founded PPP Academy Pte Ltd  to provide business growth consultancy to financial institutions. It is my joy and passion to share my success and strategies by personally mentoring thousands of business leaders and sales practitioners across Asia including MDRT Life members and TOT producers.
Neither did success come from me alone, I was fortunate to have many mentors and business partners on this journey with me

Given what this financial industry had done for me, I decided to share my expertise with many who need:

A Mentor . An Inspiration . A Guide . A Friend . A Believer . "

PPP Academy Team! Over the years, we had the opportunity to journey with more than 18,000 financial consultants in the region.

With the newest advancements in our solutions, we aim to help as many of these financial professionals be respected by their affluent clients. Allowing the Financial Professionals of Singapore to be a leading financial advisory hub for the region!

Professionals will be able to thrive in an ever evolving financial situation that takes wisdom to navigate in this volatile market.

Our team's methodology was prior developed by our Principal Trainer, Chris Chan's Million Dollar Practice (TM). We believe that everyone can have the ability to achieve their 6-7 figure income through the 3Rs: Referrals, Recurring Income and Repeat Business!

With this same methodology, Chris before he retired from agency work, grew his team from 3 to 80 full-time professionals, bringing the team's production to a strong 8-figure production!

Register for the Affluent Client Closing Course below now at only  S$2800  S$840*!

Criteria for IBF Funding

​Funding Quantum:

For training programmes commencing 1 July 2022: 

- Singapore Citizens below 40 years old and Singapore Permanent Residents will be eligible for 50% of direct training costs.
- Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 70% co-funding of direct training costs.

​Eligible Individuals:

​- Only company-sponsored individuals+; and

- Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore; and

- Successfully completed STS recognised programme (including passing all relevant assessments and examinations).​

​Companies eligible to submit claims for company-sponsored participants:

​- Singapore-based financial Institutions regulated by MAS (licensed or exempt from licensing by MAS)

- FinTech firms certified by Singapore FinTech Association

Course Description
Singapore is emerging as a magnet that attracts white collar professionals, executives, and an unprecedented number of highly affluent and Ultra high net worth individuals (HNWI) are moving to Singapore. We now have the highest number of family offices in Singapore in history.

As Singapore seeks to develop as a financial hub, we have to raise the bar of financial professionals to meet the surge in demand. This is a golden opportunity for anyone who possesses the competency to provide high trust, high value advisory to attract, acquire and develop a higher net-worth market.

Course Objectives
To guide sales professionals - particularly financial consultants and advisors - to acquire and impress High Affluent and High Net Worth Clients. This includes the ability to identify their wants, needs, pain and passion for developing a strategy to guide them in making sound financial decisions.

Additionally, the course emphasizes systematically building the practice with People, Brands and Systems at Work. This advisory approach will naturally lead to more referrals of other affluent leads, prospects and clients.

Highlights Of The Course
Affluent Market Trends (International, Regional & Singapore)
Target Market Profiling: Market Segmentation & Market Strategies
Affluent Client Advisory Skills
Affluent Market Prospecting: Client Acquisition ROI
Affluent Market Prospecting: Situational Handling & Objection Handling
What must I do to get the grants?
You need to fit the eligiility criteria of the programme & if you are a financial consultant, we would require a support letter from your organisation.
Is this programme face to face?
Yes, this programme will be conducted physically.
What actions are taken to ensure Covid-19 guidelines?
1. The room size to participants ratio will be adhered to based on Singapore Government guidelines.

2. Participants will be seated in groups based on the acceptable guideline at the point of attending

3. You will be required to take an ART test at home before attending the programme.

4. Training venue will be properly wipe down before and after the programme.
Course Fee Subsidies
This programme has been accredited under the IBF Standards and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

Participants are advised to assess the suitability of the programme and its relevance to participants’ business
activities or job roles.

Under the Enhanced Training Support Scheme, all Singapore Citizens participants aged 40 years old and above can enjoy up to 70% course fee subsidy starting from 1 January 2023 (subject to updates) capped at S$3,000 per participant per programme.

About IBF Certification
This course addresses the following Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) and proficiency level: Customer Acquisition Management Level 4

Participants are encouraged to access the IBF MySkills Portfolio ( to track their training progress and skills acquisition against the Skills Framework for Financial Services. You can apply for IBF Certification after fulfilling the required number of Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) for the selected job role.

Find out more about IBF certification and the application process on
Course Code: TGS-2022602533
Affluent Client Closing Course
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